We are now closed for the 2019 Season!



Family Time

Bring your children to the farm to pick with you.

Starkey Blueberry Farms

Kids Love Them


Meet The Farmers

Trey Starkey and Aaron Derksen have owned and operated multiple farms throughout Pasco County. Collaborating on Starkey Blueberry Farm to bring the people of Trinity Florida their First Annual U-Pick Blueberry Farm. Trey and Aaron are dedicated to sustainable, economical, and green growing practices.

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Animals are not permitted at the farm due to food and safety regulations. Please leave all pets at home.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are now CLOSED for the 2019 season!

No, because of food and safety regulations animals will not be permitted on the property.
We recommend early morning when it’s cooler than mid-day.
Water, a hat, and some sunscreen! We provide containers for picking as well as bags to take berries home. Dress comfortably– and we recommend closed-toe shoes.
Yes! They are $7.00 per lb. You can call in an order as well or email your order to diana@starkeyblueberryfarms.com
Yes, absolutely. They will love it!
No, unlike bananas or peaches, blueberries do not ripen after being picked. If they are picked red or green they will not turn blue or become sweetened at a later time.
First- Do not wash the berries. Put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet in the freezer.
Second- After place in a Ziploc Bag.

When you are ready to eat them after thawing then wash and enjoy.

Yes, we will have water available for purchase.
We accept cash and credit/ debit cards. But we do not accept American Express.

In the beginning

Trey and Aaron planting the first plant.


First Harvest


Travel on 54 to Starkey Blvd. Take a right turn at Florida Design Consultants, across from downtown Longleaf. Continue past Trinity Luteran Church on the left and Florida Design Consultants on the right to the unpaved road. Follow the unpaved road without taking a left or right turn and you will see the parking area.

Address is approximate. Follow the directions provided.

In-Season Hours


Address 10730 Lake Blanche Dr. Trinity, Fl. 34655

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